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15 Things Only Best Friends Do: When You Know You’re Soulmates

A true best friend will never leave your side, and can easily be pointed out by anyone who knows the two of you.  A best friend means a soulmate.  Have yours?

What Your Instagram Says About You
One of the first things everyone does when they are bored or have a brief moment of free time is check their Instagram. Whether it’s during class or trying to fall asleep at night, we all check it to see what everyone was doing that day. It'...
Top Five Ways To Be A Third Wheel And Ruin Everyone Else's Relationship
Everyone knows that relationships are made up to be way bigger of a deal than they really are. And if there is one time of the year that over-hypes them even more, it’s the holiday season. It’s inevitable that some of your friends wil...
Seven Lies College Students Tell Themselves During Finals

Finals time is one of the most stressful events during the academic year. Students frantically try to cram a semester’s worth of knowledge into their heads in order to pass some test that for some reason is a huge chunk of their grade. 

Summer Internships: A Chance to Get Ahead

College students are always looking for the perfect chance to get ahead in terms of their aspiring careers — taking a summer internship, either at home or elsewhere, is the perfect window of opportunity to get the boost they need.

Is There A Rewind Button?

During freshman year I learned numerous things about myself. Some are petty, like how much I miss and depend upon my dishwasher at home, but some of these lessons are eye-openers.

A Day In The Life Of A Quidditch Player!
Like many of you, when I first heard that FSU had a quidditch team I was completely confused. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so I know that quidditch is the sport played by wizards in the books and movies. The part I was...
The Californians: Stereotypes Debunked
Just like about every other TCU student on campus, I am from California. To make matters even worse, I am from Orange County. Let me just give you some insight into what EVERY single introduction for us SoCal kids is like. It typically begins like th...
Trends of 2013: The Good, The Bad, and The Absolutely Heinous
I cannot help but worry what future generations are going to think of the fashion trends that 2013 carried in. Although the bad, and not to mention the absolutely heinous, trends are more memorable, there were some awe-inspiring trends that have a so...