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5 Reasons Why We're Falling for Autumn

It's about that time of year when the scalding summer heat finally retreats from Oxford in favor of a tamer temperature. No more sweating in class or mooching off of your friend's air-conditioner. Kick off your flip-flops and pull on your boots--Fall has found its way to campus.

Nine Disney Princesses As Sorority Girls

I love my Disney princesses as much as the next basic white girl and, today, I found myself daydreaming about how their personalities might translate into real life. Have you ever wondered what kind of sorority these princesses might join?

Ohhh, You're From New York

If you're from New York, there's a pretty large chance you've heard this before. People from New York are definitely a different breed of human beings compared to the rest of America. And why is this? It's because we're from the greatest place there is and we know it, duh.

A Peek Inside the Mind of a Chronic Overthinker

Chronic overthinkers. If it’s not you, you definitely have a friend or two that is one. Decisions are tough, even after you think you’ve made them, and embarrassments of even the tiniest sort will haunt you for years.

Aggie first, Greek second 

Get involved in an organization that looks different from what your sorority sisters are doing. With over 1,000 student groups on campus, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to leave your mark on Texas A&M outside of the Greek community. With that said, make the most out of the chance you’ve been given to grow close to your new sisters, to fall in love with Texas A&M and to find your place as an Aggie.

5 Things Travel Has Taught Me

It has taken me a trip to the other side of the world to realize that the most important things aren’t learned in the classroom. They are learned through living, traveling to unexpected places, and having the adventures of a lifetime.

Phi Mu's Meal on the Lawn

If you're looking for a break from school work or just don't feel like cooking on Tuesday, Sept 16th, come to Phi Mu for some southern home cooking!

Cornell Hotel School: Why We Do More Than Fold Napkins 

The purpose of this article is not belittle any major at Cornell but rather to shed light on the hotel school program, since other majors think that it is the simplest, easiest major at Cornell.

Yik Yak Culture Needs To Stop

Could it be that we've become so comfortable with the anonymity the Internet affords us that openly rude and degrading comments spark absolutely no retaliation in any of us? Probably.