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A Sit-Down with MLB Fan Cave Member and Hoosier Grad, Dan Frankel

IU grad, Dan Frankel, is one of six MLB Fan Cave dwellers to be chosen from 25,000 applicants. 

Why I Stayed In A Sorority 

A lot of people talk about why they decided to rush but not many talk about why they stayed. This is the story of how I fell in love with Kappa Delta and why I continue to fall more in love every day.

29 Thoughts All Girls Have While Packing For Back To School 

The males we are friends with laugh; "how hard is it to throw clothes into a luggage?", they say. "Bring some shoes, a few pairs of jeans and you’re good," they say. Oh boys, you have no idea what goes through the female mind during this incredibly stressful time.

Why I'm Excited for Fall

As the summer comes to an end, college campuses begin to fill up with anxious freshmen, as well as returning undergrads who couldn’t be more excited to return to their stomping grounds.

Stop, Drop, and Pour a Bucket of Ice On Your Head

Taken out of context, a traveler coming home and checking their social media for the first time in a while would think the world’s gone mad.

Thoughts of a Junior in College  

Gone are the carefree college years, and now comes fun things like job recruiting and standardized tests. It's strange because this year really is the most reminiscent of high school.

Thoughts Of A Retired Cheerleader

I started doing tumbling privates by the age of six, and I worked my way up to being on an all-star cheerleading team by the age of eight.

How this Decade is a Repeat of the 1960's

It was marked by social upheaval, by tragedy, by narcotics, by music, and by Forrest Gump intruding on important sociopolitical events. Or in other words, it’s the coolest goddamned decade ever.

How Harry Potter Prepared Me For College

Harry Potter, I have so much to thank you for but preparing me for college is definitely at the top of my list. This article explains all the different things good ole HP and crew taught me and why they are important for college life

Roles Of A Best Friend

A best friend can be a lot of different things in your life. Here are some specific roles I was lucky enough to find in my best friend, and that I think are the most important.

Likes, Favorites and Views 

Some food for thought in regards to how social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat foster an online etiquette among their users, leading them to lose individuality.