Although it has been around for a while now, Tinder is slowly but surely taking Purdue by storm. Don’t lie; you know you’ve at least dabbled a bit in the Tinder game. Myself, the New York Times, and everyone on the planet describe it as “unbelievably addictive”.  Although the app sets you up for glory with its simplicity and accessibility, you have to put in some serious work if you’re trying to be like Daft Punk and “Get Lucky”. Thankfully, being the gracious and giving man that I am, I put together this article with tips to make sure that you get the best Tinder experience possible.


The Profile – Having a stellar profile is key, and it all starts with the picture selection. As matches are based almost purely on physical appearance, you’re going to want to scourge around your Facebook to find your best pics. There are three types of pictures you should include in your profile: best dressed, fun, and a puppy picture. You have to let your potential match know you can clean up well and will look acceptable when they bring you to meet their parents, so a picture of you dressed in your Sunday best is a must. The fun picture works well with the best-dressed picture because it shows that you’re serious, but definitely down to party and have a good time at the drop of a hat. The puppy picture is a given because, let’s face it guys, girls LOVE puppies. To go along with the photos, you need to have a catchy tagline. I recommend something short and to the point; something that they’ll remember when they tell your kids how you met.


The Opening Line – Once you get matched there is the ever-awkward period of deciding who is going to start the conversation. Guys: don’t be cowards. Initiate the first move and break the silence. But hey, ladies: don’t be afraid to help a brotha’ out and get things going. My advice in starting the conversation would be to get creative. Sure the “Hey, what’s up, how are you, etc.” is okay but that method is for amateurs! The real Tinder pros start out their conversations with a smooth pick-up line. I would include some in this article, but to save guys the embarrassment of being told that the girl they used it on saw it in my Odyssey article, I’ll refrain from doing so.


The Flow – While having some clever pick-up lines in your repertoire will help, you have to have some kind of communication skills if you want to pull here. It can be nerve racking thinking of things to say to someone you’ve never met before, but don’t worry: you both were shallow enough to swipe right instead of left so don’t hold anything back! Be yourself, or even be someone else, but no matter what you do say something that they’ll remember you by, because you’re just one creepy comment away from being blocked.


The Close – If your small talk is good enough to keep your match’s attention you may be able to put yourself in a position for a real-life meeting. My advice is to do something casual. For example, go study together, hang out at Chipotle, get a Fun Pop, or if you’re feeling dangerous invite your match over to watch a movie (I recommend Harry Potter or Sharknado). At that point, the situation is out of my hands and your fate rests solely in your own. The only advice I can give you is to be yourself and keep an open mind. People oftentimes are drastically different in real life than how they seem through social networking. There could be some awkwardness, but embrace it and move on with your lives.


While I’m not convinced that I’ll find my future wife on Tinder, I’m still going to continue the search for my Tinderella. If you follow the beautiful advice printed above I’m sure that you’ll find yours too. Follow me on Twitter via my very creative handle @Josh_Klinger for more Tinder and poor relationship advice. Also, girls feel free to Tinder me for some amazing pick-up lines and an overall good time.